Frequently Asked Questions
  •  ■  What is this place?
    TupiTube is a social network formed by people interested in creating and sharing 2D graphic projects. This site is an evolving repository of galleries containing works (animations and images) made by anyone from everywhere. You don't have to be a professional to join us, just someone who loves creating 2D content (any doodle is very welcome).
  •  ■  How it works?
    TupiTube is the social component of Tupi, an ecosystem of applications created by MaeFloresta to provide a fun and easy-to-use 2D animation experience. So, to create and to post any kind of work into the TupiTube galleries, users have to do it directly from one of our Tupi client applications. Note: Every client of the Tupi project is licensed under the terms of the GPL ver2, therefore they are open and free.
  •  ■  How can I join this project?
    Android Users
    To join our community all you have to do is to download the Tupi FlipBook app from Google Play. Note: A desktop version of our mobile app is under development and it will be released and available in the short term from our Downloads section.

    iOS Users
    Our version of Tupi FlipBook for iOS is currently under development and we hope to release it as soon as possible. Stay tuned on Twitter or Facebook for our official announcements.

    Desktop Users (Windows, Mac and Linux)
    Currently our desktop client is available for testing but only for local works, but our next release (under development) will be integrated to the TupiTube platform.
  •  ■  What kind of works can I post in this site?
    Mobile users can post 2D animations and images, but we are working on new kind of formats. Our implementations on desktop are still under development but our goal is to provide the post feature from all our clients in the middle term. Note: Because we are not interested in dealing neither with legal issues nor copyright violations, and because we promote the access to legally free/open 2D graphic content, we encorauge our community members to post only their own creations or derivated works based on any free/open/copyleft/creative-commons project.
  •  ■  What is the license policy for the works posted in this site?
    For now, our architecture only supports the Creative Commons Public Domain license by default for every posted work, understanding that the spirit of this site is collaboration. Nevertheless, we are open to support other kind of (even restrictive) licenses in the future as we launch new upgrades of our ecosystem.